I'm going to age myself here, but I've been participating in craft shows since I was 16 years old. That was 46 years ago.  That was before anyone even thought of adding direct sellers to such events.  Not only was I crafting back then, I was also an Avon rep (my mom had to sign for me).  During that time, I have participated in my fair share of really poorly run shows and some that were really great.

With that being said, I have also helped numerous people run shows, so I have a lot of experience.  Four years ago I decided I had had enough of not being able to get into shows and or participating in really bad shows.                                                                


The Little Things

Not trying to be the biggest

I'm just trying to run nice small to medium sized well organized shows, that have a lot of variety and that connect talented hard working individuals with opportunities.

Not for profit

As a participant in some of my own shows, I want to make money too.  I do not profit from the shows I run.  Monies collected for shows I run go to hall rental, advertising and any other fees associated with running a show.

Because it's fun

Coordinating and putting a show together is hard work.  It involves many many hours of preparation, but it's rewarding and fun too.

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